Zendaya in head-to-toe Valentino is a sheer shining stunner in all things black

Zendaya can’t stop being a sheer style queen and we can’t stop loving her glam in black outfits. Her inevitable statement-making appearance at Emmy Awards is a moment we can’t forget even if we tried hard. And she brought a style victory again in Valentino.

You can get your toasty sartorial look with this sheer outfit and that’s a lesson to note from the Paris Fashion Week. Here’s us taking you on a fashion drive to the weekend that was flawlessly packed with incredible outfits and aesthetics as the Valentino spring/summer 2023 show took effect.

It was a show by the Italian fashion brand? Would the Dune actress miss? If we were you, we’d agree that she’d trade anything to be present at the fashion event. She’s a lover of the brand, remember her hot pink pantsuit? Bound to be another classy look, her all-black outfit was as sheer to look at.

It’s Autumn and Zendaya is in sheer, what in the world is happening? Fashion. Her outfit had no shortage of shine. The best and most impactful usage of a brand’s logo we’ve seen. The sequin-soaked long and oversized blazer coordinated with her high-waisted shorts.

The 26-year-old wore these over a see-through netted catsuit which had a close neck and crystal studded embellishments. Skip that top and just say how effortlessly you can flash some glamour. She wore pointed-toe pumps, chandelier earrings, and a diamond earring.

Zendaya didn’t miss to seal her look right with the pout glossed up with a burnt orange hue, a black eyeliner, and a side-swept hairdo.

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