MEGAN Barton Hanson suffered an awkward wardrobe malfunction as she shared a kiss with boyfriend Wes Nelson in London last night.

The beauty might have been regretting her choice of plunging blouse for their date night at Harry’s Bar as she exposed a little too much b**b. Their romantic evening.

The town followed a drama-filled week for the pair after Megan, 24, hit out at professional skater Vanessa Baeur, 22, for not introducing herself during last Sunday’s show following her first routine with Wes, 20.

Megan later revealed that she had reached out to Vanessa with an apology but a source told The Sun she had been blanked by the Dancing On Ice pro. Last night Vanessa appeared to reunite their feud by agreeing with a comment that branded Megan “jealous and insecure”.

Vanessa received a mixed reaction from fans when she shared a clip from her new vlog featuring Wes online and received a flurry of comments both supporting her and slating her for posting about Wes amid the drama surrounding their relationship.

One person hit back at the criticism of her and questioned why she should stop sharing videos because Megan is “jealous and insecure” – and said Meg should have asked for a male skating partner for Wes if she was so worried.

However Megan and Wes were able to put the drama aside to enjoy a romantic evening out together – despite Megan previously telling her followers she had a kidney infection. Megan asked her followers for remedies after being struck down with the illness ahead of their much-needed date night.

The star took to Instagram to reveal that she refuses to cancel her plans – despite being curled up like a “pretzel” in pain.

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