Katy Perry Flaunts Her Summer Body In S*xy Bikini – See The Pics

Katy Perry Flaunts Her Summer Body In S*xy Bikini – See The Pics

She had good company during her last p*ddleboarding excursion, but while Katy Perry was without ex-boyfriend Orlando Bloom she was no less noticeable during her latest appearance in Italy on Thursday afternoon.

The American singer, 32, looked typically relaxed while p*shing herself across the still waters off the coast of Sesto Fiorentino, where she is in the midst of a European getaway with friends.

Sporting a lilac bikini with striking gold embellishments, Katy was hard to miss during her latest European excursion – which conjured images of an altogether more memorable coastal appearance with Bloom, 40.

The n*ked actor was famously seen straddling a p*ddle board with his manhood on full display while Katy nonch*lantly sat cross-legged in front of him during a trip to Sardinia in September 2016.

While Bloom was tasked with handling the p*ddle on that occasion, the California Gurls singer had no problem navigating herself across the water during her latest outing.

With temperatures soaring Katy stayed cool ben*ath the shade of a wide-brimmed hat, while her eyes were shielded behind a pair of heavily tinted sunglasses.

At one point the star took a breather while resting with her knees propped on the wide p*ddle board, before making her way back to shallow water. Once there Katy appeared to indulge in a quiet moment alone, during which she sat in the surf and admired the sweeping ocean view.

Accompanied on her latest trip by a group of female friends, the star soon made her way back onto the beach, where she joined them from an al fresco lunch.

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