Dove Cameron in Marc Jacobs monochrome ensemble is a lesson on all things fabulous

New week, new style inspiration. The American Music Awards 2022 were live at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Celebrities have their way around fashion and Sunday was evidently their time to shine and take home new titles to celebrate for life.

Before we get to the final decode of all looks that played their glitzy and glorious part on stage and off, we would love to take a deep dive into the hot name on the music artists’ block, Dove Cameron’s ensemble, makeup, and everything.

Dove was over the moon as she bagged the New Artist Of The Year award. She gave a speech that was a thankful appreciation for the LGBTQ+ community and the support they’ve given her through and through. P

rior to her performance on the beautifully lit up and buzzy stage, she showed up in a three-piece outfit. As we continue to follow the stylish footsteps of the happening crowd, we see as celebrities, monochrome hues like black and white seem to be happy to be back together.

The Boyfriend singer made her gala evening look incredibly chic as she rocked a Marc Jacobs ensemble from the New York-based brand’s Runway Fall 2022 collection which surprisingly was very similar to American singer and dancer, Tinashe’s outfit.

Fashion stylist and wardrobe director, Marta Del Rio, ensured there was no grey area in Dove’s look from head to toe. It showed perfection with the sleeveless plain white crop top which had a deep neckline and an asymmetric hem.

Dove Cameron in Marc Jacobs outfit aces her look

A top that is also great for dates, lunches, and more, can be teamed up with what you see in a suede high-waisted black skirt, more in the lines of deconstructed aesthetics. Jackets have made their way and can we turn back from these? Not in this biting cold November.

Dove too got her autumn-style and awards night assignment to slay with an oversized jacket. Not sure how warm it can be when wrapped around or buttoned up around your waist.

The 26-year-old American singer also gave a masterclass with accessories like mini pearl earrings, a single chain from Martyre, and black leather gloves which flexed her nail art done by Juan Alvear which looked supremely quirky.

A sleek and high ponytail with two long braids was stunning. She also opted for graphic eyeliner, glossy lips, mascara, blush, and eyeshadow.

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